Dryer Repair

You need your dryer to make your household run smoothly. And, when the dryer is not working, it becomes a big inconvenience. Luckily, you do not have to worry.

For those who live in Concord, NC, Hank’s Appliance Repair is always there to bring your clothes dryer back to working condition. We are the top appliance repair and maintenance service in the Concord area. We repair all major brands of dryers.

Our job is to keep your dryer running throughout its normal life span and beyond. Call us about a broken dryer and we will not only fix it but make sure that it stays in service for years to come.

Common Dryer Issues

These are some of the usual indications that you will need to call a dryer repair technician:

Dryer does not start

If your dryer does not start, make sure that it is plugged in. Check the circuit breaker as well. These are the most common reasons we see for a non-starting dryer. And you can fix these problems on your own.

But, if these steps do not work, or if the circuit breaker repeatedly flips off, call Hank’s for help. Do not try to fix internal dry electrical problems on your own.

The dryer vent is clogged

Not enough ventilation is a common cause of your dryer failing. If moist and hot air can’t get out of the dryer, clothes will stay damp even when the drying cycle is done. And, a clogged vent makes the dryer run louder too.

In addition, this situation can damage the dryer permanently, especially the heating system. Be sure to clean out the lint trap with every load. And, ask Hank’s to come out and clean the machine’s complete ventilation system every year.

This can be a bad problem and if you are unsure about what is going on. Call Hank’s for a same-day visit and repairs.

Your dryer does not spin

If your dryer turns on but does not spin, it may have a worn dryer belt. Otherwise, there may be a defective motor or damaged switch. These are problems that require professional attention. At Hank’s, we have experience with these issues on all major dryer brands.

The dryer is not heating

If the dryer is not heating, check the settings first of all. If the settings are correct and the dryer still does not heat up, call us at Hank’s for same-day repairs. Many times you will have a problem with the dryer ignition.

The dryer’s electronic ignition should be dealt with by a specialist as it can be a difficult repair job and a dangerous one as well.

The dryer is making funny noises

Squealing and grinding sounds from your dryer are signs of serious problems. When the drum belt gets loose, it slips around the exterior of the drum and squeals. Check out unusual dryer noises before they result in a very quiet and broken dryer. By replacing the idler pulley or belt, the squeal can typically be fixed. But, grinding noises come from worn glides or drum supports and typically need to be placed.

Call Hank’s Appliance Repair of Concord, NC

Call Hank’s Appliance Repair right away if you are having troubles with your dryer. We provide same-day service and can fix all brands and models of dryers. You will appreciate our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all part and labor.