Freezer Repair

When your freezer breaks down, you may be so angry that you want to go out and buy a new model. But, you do not need to. With a professional freezer repair service, you can extend the life of this appliance for years and years.

At Hank’s Appliance Repair, we will be pleased to restore your freezer to perfect working condition. We will make repairs so that your freezer will serve you well for many more years. Our certified technicians work with all brands and models of freezers.

Indications That Your Freezer Needs Repairs

The freezer runs too cold

The freezer must be sufficiently cold to preserve your food in a frozen state. But, when it becomes too cold, you may see excess frost or accumulation of ice. When the freezer is ice cold inside but feels warm to the touch on the outside, you probably have a damaged defrost heater. When the freezer becomes extremely cold this could also be from a damaged evaporator fan motor or bad damper control assembly.

The freezer isn’t cold enough

Your freezer should cool food down to zero degrees Fahrenheit according to the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration. When the temperature stays above 0 degrees Fahrenheit your freezer will not preserve your food correctly. Your food may get warm enough to allow bacterial growth and make you at risk for contracting foodborne diseases.

If you believe that the freezer is not chilly enough, check your settings and make sure that the dial was not changed accidentally. Some freezers have a built-in thermometer. This makes for easy temperature monitoring. If your freezer doesn’t have a built-in thermometer, go ahead and buy one.

If your settings are OK but the problem persists, call Hank’s for same-day diagnosis and repairs.

You have frost inside the freezer

A small amount of frost build-up is normal for a freezer. But, if it is too much, your freezer has a problem. We routinely see several issues that cause this issue. These are ripped gaskets, frozen freezer drain tubes, and simply that the door to the freezer is being opened too often and being left open for too long.

Whenever warm and moist air gets into the freezer, you will see a build-up of frost. And, when the drain tube is blocked or frozen, moisture cannot escape and there will be more frost build-up.

Your freezer does not turn on

A freezer that will not turn on may simply be unplugged or your circuit breaker may have tripped. Always check these things before calling a repair service. If the power outlet is damaged, call an electrician. If the freezer is getting electricity and not running, call Hank’s for help. Common problems include damaged defrost timers, bad cold control thermostats, broken compressors, and malfunctioning electronic control boards.

At Hank’s, we deal with these issues routinely and can typically fix your problem on a short, same-day service call.

Call Hank’s Appliance Repair of Concord, NC

Even the best freezer that has been properly maintained can break down. When this happens to you, don’t risk losing good food and don’t try doing repairs that may simply make things worse. Call us at Hank’s and talk with one of our experts. We routinely fix freezer issues the same day that you call.

You can be assured that we will treat you courteously, provide professional service, and we back that up with our 100% guarantee on parts and labor. And, our rates are extremely competitive as well!