Ice Maker Repair

If the ice maker does not work correctly, contact Hank’s Appliance Repair of Concord, the ice maker maintenance and repair professionals.

At Hank’s Appliance Repair, we offer high-quality ice maker maintenance and repair at very competitive rates. Our certified technicians routinely service all brands and models ice makers, including:

  • Modular Ice Machines
  • Self-Contained Ice Machines
  • Portable & Countertop Ice Makers
  • Built-In & Under-counter Ice Makers

Common Ice Maker Problems That We Repair

If you are having any of these issues with your ice maker, contact the appliance repair experts at Hank’s today.

Freezer temperature that is too high

A freezer set to cool to the 10 degrees Fahrenheit range will commonly not make any ice cubes. Use a thermometer and check the temperature inside the freezer. Adjust the temperature lower if your reading is zero degrees or higher.

It may take an hour or two after you correct the temperature for it to reach the right level and for the ice maker to resume making ice. If you have done all of this and there is still a problem, call Hank’s for repairs.

The ice tray is empty

This happens because the ice maker is not getting any water. A common reason is a bad water inlet valve or simply low water pressure.

Valve problems can be caused by a mineral build-up. Then water is not released properly. Otherwise, there may be a failure in the electronics. Our certified technicians will check this out and make same-day repairs.

The ice machine is not ejecting ice

When the ice maker makes ice but does not eject it, assembly of the ice maker is at fault. Although there is typically only one part that is damaged, repairs of require replacing the entire assembly.


The problem in this regard is that manufacturers do not make individual replacement parts for ice makers. Thus, the practical solution is to simply replace the entire assembly. However, many times, it is possible to use parts from another brand of ice maker, because they have similar designs.

The ice maker leaks

If the ice maker is leaking water (onto the floor or inside of your freezer), make sure that the appliance is level and that there are no obvious problems with the water supply. Check for bends, pinching, and clear signs of damage. And, look to see if the fill cup is correctly aligned with your water funnel. When you do not see any obvious problem causing the leak, call Hank’s for a visit by one of our certified technicians.

Do not neglect this problem or you may have structural damage to your floor!

The problems that we commonly fix include damaged ice level control boards, icemaker switches, and broken mold thermostats.

Call Hank’s Appliance Repair of Concord, NC

For economical, reliable, and fast repairs, call the professional appliance repair service in Concord. Hank’s Appliance Repair will send a certified technician, usually the same day, for all appliance repair issues. They routinely maintain and fix all major appliance brands.

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