Oven Repair

Your oven is essential for making meals and feeding the family. When the oven breaks down, you are stuck with cold cuts and takeout food. And, ovens can require more care than many other appliances.

Even an oven that has been serviced and maintained regularly can break down. This is a huge disruption in your routine. You can avoid undue frustration from this malfunctioning appliance by taking advantage of same-day repairs by Hank’s Appliance Repair of Concord.

At Hank’s Appliance Repair, we commit to fixing your range, oven, or cooktop as soon as we can. Our certified technicians carry the tools and have the skills and experience to repair all oven brands on a single service call the same day that your call for help.

When You Need a Professional to Repair Your Oven

Many issues can go wrong with a stove or oven. These are some common indications that you should contact one of our experienced oven repair experts right away.

The temperature does not match the setting

When you heat up your oven, it ought to stay at the selected temperature. If it shows a higher or lower temperature than the one that you set, you need to recalibrate the temperature controls. This is explained in the owner’s manual. If this does not help, contact Hank’s for same-day help.

The oven will not turn on

Several problems can prevent your oven from turning on. However, for an electric oven, make sure first of all that the appliance is plugged in and that the circuit breaker has not tripped off. Problems that you need professional help for include broken wires, damaged control, bake or broil element defects, or not enough power getting into the unit. For gas ovens, defective gas controls, igniters, and valves are the issues.

We don’t suggest trying to repair these issues yourself as you are not a trained specialist. There is always a risk of electric shocks and other problems. Leave these repairs to the experts at Hank’s.

The oven light does not turn on

Most commonly, this is a burned-out light bulb. Simply replace it and your problem should be resolved. When this does not work, you have a damaged light switch, loose wire, or faulty electronic control. Call the oven repair experts at Hank’s for a same-day repair without the risk of electric shock.

The oven door not shut or open

This is usually because of a defective hinge. This needs to be replaced. The job requires taking the door apart by removing the side panel. Leave this task to a certified professional.

Your oven does not clean itself

Then the self-cleaning function of your oven does not work, it is typically because the door switch is damaged. The door has to be locked before the self-cleaning cycle can start. Other reasons can include a defective temperature control thermostat, oven control board, thermal fuse, or bad wiring. The oven repair experts at Hank’s can examine your oven and fix it on a short service call.


This is a rare problem but not a good one. When the side of your oven has rusted through, it is because of excessive moisture during cooking. This can be an extremely expensive repair job. We will advise you as to whether a repair is your best choice or buying a new oven.

If you have any of these problems or other issue that prevents your oven from functioning properly, call us right away.

Why Choose Hank’s Appliance Repair of Concord?

You’ll get the following whenever you receive services by Hank’s Appliance Repair:

  • Competitive prices
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Insured and certified technicians
  • Quick and high-quality repairs
  • No surprises or hidden charges

Call Hank’s today, and one of our knowledgeable and friendly customer reps will help you set up an appointment.