Washing Machine Repair

When the washing machine does not work as it should, don’t wait to call an appliance repair expert. The quicker you contact the expert, the faster your appliance will be working again at normal efficiency. Ignoring your problem will typically result in it getting worse and costing more money. At Hank’s Appliance Repair, our team of experienced and highly trained technicians stands ready to fix your washer the same day that you call.

Our certified technicians diagnose and repair all brands and models of washing machines. We guarantee work and have very affordable rates.

Why Repair Your Washing Machine?

When the washer breaks down, it is tempting to buy a new machine. However, fixing a simple problem is a lot less expensive and can result in a machine that functions perfectly for years.

Washing machine repairs by the professionals at Hanks can save you money. And, regular servicing keeps simple problems from occurring. If your washer breaks down, compare the cost of repairs to what a new machine will cost you. Repairs of a newer machine are always cheaper in the long run.

Common Problems with Washing Machines

If you see any of these signs with your washing machine, call for professional right away.

The washer does not fill up with water

Make sure the door is closed, your water supply is connected, and that inlet pipes are clear. If these are OK and the problem continues, call a professional.

The washing machine stops in mid-cycle

This is typically caused by a defective thermostat, timer, or heater. If your timer is the only problem, you may be able to resume the cycle by adjusting the controls manually. But, you need to call for a service visit or the problem will continue to happen.

Water does not drain from the washing machine

A clogged filter or a pump that is damaged is the usual culprit in this situation. A qualified technician from Hanks will diagnose the problem and fix it.

The washing machine is noisy

Rattling during the drying cycle may only be coins that fell out your pants pockets. But, check the drain filter too. But, more worrisome problems include worn bearings which need to be replaced or your noisy washer will become a very quiet washer that does not work at all! If you turn the drum when the washer is empty and you can reproduce the sound, call Hank’s for professional, same-day help.

The Washing Machine Drum Will Not Turn

A defective motor, damaged control unit, worn brushes, or bad drive belt are all possibilities. These problems require a trained technician. Call Hank’s for help the same day.

Your Washing Machine Will Not Spin

This is a common issue with washing machines. It usually happens when you overload the machine. Take out a few clothes and try again. If this does not cure the problem, your brushes are worn or damaged and need to be replaced. Call Hank’s for diagnosis and repair of this problem.

Call Hank’s Appliance Repair of Concord, NC

When you have any problems with your washing machine or any appliance, call the certified technicians at Hank’s Appliance Repair of Concord. We have years of experience. Our technicians are certified and work on all major brands of appliances. We are proud to provide an efficient, fast, and economical service.